Code of practice

Thank Evans aims to supply quality childcare to families and Nurseries in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area, with the aim of making the task of finding the right Nanny, Parents Help or Nursery Nurse a simpler, less stressful event. We believe that the child’s well-being is the most important aspect of our service and will always work with the child at the core.

Once a family has registered with us, we will endeavour to refer to them applicants who closely fit their requirements. We will monitor the feedback from both the clients and the applicants and strive to make the best match possible.

At Thank Evans we employ Applicants as our own personnel. Therefore the Agency is responsible for employment contracts and PAYE (tax/NI/holiday and sick pay etc) and remains jointly responsible for each Employee (along with the Client). All Employees are covered by Employer’s and Public Liability Insurance and are supplied with the assurance that the Agency has thoroughly checked their credentials.

The Agency also offers an introduction only service if the Client would like to employ a Nanny/Nursery Nurse privately. To do so, the Agency still undertakes the verifications stated above, but beyond these checks it becomes the responsibility of the Client to arrange contracts, PAYE and any insurance necessary. The Agency is also available to offer advice, or supply telephone numbers to other companies who can advise in more depth on these areas.

Due to the unique way we work, we are able to offer ongoing support and advice, as well as supplying a replacement, where possible, when a Client’s regular employee is unwell or on annual leave. We can also supply weekend and overnight care, holiday assistance, ad-hoc and emergency care.

We aim to help every family that uses our service to the best of our abilities and resources, all with a friendly, flexible approach.